Jack's Holiday Special

by NeoTonic Productions



Jorge Aguilar II brings inspiration from the animated series, "Audience," and Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas" to bring you "Jack's Holiday Special!" A whimsical short musical number, where Jack attempts to steal Christmas but is thwarted by his best henchman, Tuney, a lovable rabbit with a knack for mischief. Using characters and themes from his new musical series, "Ensemble," Jorge is now repurposing musical numbers that had been written for "Audience" to finally bring them into the public eye for audiences everywhere to enjoy!

Happy Holidays!


I'd like to welcome you to my
Holiday Special
All that you have been waiting for
Draw back the curtain
Let's see what's in store

Take a seat, dear audience
We've all got parts to play
So many sights and sounds to show
I truly hope you'll stay

It's been a while
That much is true
Don't think I've forgotten
Your countenance and elegance
But deep inside you must know we're rotten

So put on a smile
Take off that hat
It's time to start the show
Don't mind the stage
But anyway
To the story we go

Oh yes, I'd sent my minions out
To steal the presents strewn about
Under the Christmas tree
Taking without asking please
The perfect holiday crime

It was so perfectly planned out
All the things I was so sure I'd though about
But I failed to realize
My best henchmen would turn before my eyes
Oh, Tuney, why?



released December 23, 2015
Written, Composed, Performed, Recorded, and Mixed by Jorge Aguilar II




NeoTonic Productions San Antonio, Texas

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